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Make Your Confidence Contagious

Don't forget, while your busy doubting yourself, someone else is admiring your strength. - K. Butler

It's time to put yourself first, rediscover who you are, rebuild that confidence. Set aside self doubt, you are worth it. Give your kids a new hero to admire, one who moves forward with newfound perspective and confidence.

I am more than your photographer


This is Me

Hi Friend,

    I am Marcy, owner/photographer for DixieLand Images Custom Photography.  I truly love what I do and the clients that I form lasting relationships with. I went through my own healing journey, physically, mentally, spiritually.

I was a mom struggling to find myself. I grieved the woman I used to be, while also trying to embrace my new role in life. I felt as though I had lost my individuality, I was doing everything for everyone else, but nothing for myself and I had huge guilt when I did. I loved my family, but found no joy and love for myself. My body had changed and I no longer felt beautiful or sexy. It was hard to stay positive and to put my faith in the process and trust that I would be well and everything would get better. I struggled because that's what I thought moms did, I just had to accept it. Then I suffered a spinal injury that left me bedridden for over a month. It was during this dark time I realized I could no longer keep going as I had been. I had to make a change. I needed to heal and be a better version of myself, not just for me, but for my family. I started rebuilding myself, physically, but also mentally. Rebuilding my mental strength was hard, to put myself first was hard. The more I did, the more confidence I found in myself, the more other aspects of my life fell into place. The better the relationships with my family and friends became. I looked in the mirror and told myself 2 positive things every morning, it was hard at first, but became easier the more I did it. Then I took a huge leap and stepped in front of the lens.

The photo above is one of my favorite images from the session I did. I looked at myself in the photographs and suddenly realized, I had changed, I wasn't the same person, I was better. I was beautiful, I was still amazing, just in different ways. I realize this journey was an important step to becoming the person I am now. I have since made it my goal through photography to help others feel inspired, to help build confidence and feel good about who you are no matter where you are in life. You are worth it, you are amazing just as you are. For me the biggest reward is watching a client leave the studio feeling confident and on top of the world. A client once said to me, "You worked magic with my images." I truthfully replied "You brought the magic, I merely capture what I see." I truly believe this, all my clients are beautiful, amazing people, all I do is capture what is already there for them to see and discover for themselves.

I see you mama, let's take that first step to the best version of you. I would love to meet you and help you change your perspective and find your confidence.

Let's talk soon,                                                                                             



Marcy is a wonderful photographer, who takes her time to make sure that the individual is comfortable and confident. She knows how to bring out the inner beauty in whoever she photographs.



Do You Feel Inspired

Change your perspective, build confidence, you are worth it.

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