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1940s Pin Up

Nothing is more iconic than the art of the 40s pin up. I am a lover of all things vintage, especially the 1940s era. This session was designed to combine that vintage passion with photography to help clients create an amazing experience with artwork that has that retro look and appeal. 

I love helping clients rediscover their confidence and beauty, as well as offering a fun, relaxing and completely unique experience.


What is part of the Pin Up experience?

  • ​Free Individual Consultation - to create your session based upon what you want and what inspires you.

  • 100% Guidance with questions, ideas, wardrobe consultation & guidance and what to do the day of photographing.

  • Professional Hair & Makeup services 

  • Professional Photographing - especially what to do with your hands, as well as Professional Retouching on your Photographs.

  • Professional design services for all products you order to make them more personal. Ordering your professional products for you, to ensure optimum quality. Helping You create your own piece of iconic inspired art!

From Photograph to Nose Art 

Jaime Nose Art.jpg



Recreated Art 

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