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photography session

"You Are The Asset You Are Building" 

This session is about empowerment, finding strength in yourself while having an unforgettable experience. I will take the time to listen to your story, get to know you, share your in your struggles but also your strength. You are more than the struggling mom or the person hiding the scars of trauma. These things do not define you, you are a beautiful, sexy, strong person. Take the first step in this healing journey and rediscover the amazing person looking back from the mirror.

You are worth it.


your session includes

  • ​Free Individual Consultation - to create your session based upon what you want and what inspires you.

  • 100% Guidance with questions, ideas, wardrobe consultation & guidance and what to do the day of photographing.

  • Professional Hair & Makeup services 

  • Professional Photographing - especially what to do with your hands, as well as Professional Retouching on your Photographs.

  • Professional design services for all products you order to make them more personal. Ordering your professional products for you, to ensure optimum quality.

All you have to do is have fun and enjoy the products that come ready to hang or display however you choose!​

For pricing information or questions set up a free consultation and we can go over all the details of what your session will look like. 

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